Basic Computer Skills:

Hardware & Windows Navigation

Intro to Keyboard & Selecting Text in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Formatting

Intro to Excel

Flash Drive and Storage

Cut/Copy/Paste in Microsoft Word

Intro to the Internet

Internet Safety

Intro to Email

Organizing Email

Editing a Word Document & Attaching Files to Email

Overview of Course & Course Certification


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This multi-session course is designed to teach general and beginning skills for new computer users. Students will learn the physical components of the computer, including the Keyboard and Mouse. Throughout the course, the topics will include Microsoft Windows navigation, Microsoft Word basic commands, how to use the Internet and email, file management, and typing.


This course runs for the first three weeks of every month, four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) from 10:00 AM-11:30 AM. All students are expected to attend every class as this is a linear class curriculum, where each class builds off of one another. On the last day of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.


BCS Course Outline:

Week 1:

  • Hardware, software, the mouse and keyboard, and typing

  • Navigating Windows program and Desktop

  • Introduction to Microsoft Word and basic typing and editing tools

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel.

Week 2:

  • Introduction to permanent storage and flash drives

  • Saving files on the computer and flash drive

  • Cut/copy/paste on Microsoft Word

  • Sneak peak into Week 3 -- Introduction to the Internet, Internet Safety, and email


Week 3:

  • Introduction to different Internet browsers

  • Introduction to Gmail and other email interfaces

  • Reply/reply all/forward on email

  • Email etiquette and safety

  • Attaching files to an email

  • Deleting emails, and Spam

  • Final game of Jeopardy as review!