Basic Computer Skills:

Hardware & Windows Navigation 

Intro to Keyboard & Selecting Text in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Formatting

Intro to Excel

Flash Drive and Storage

Cut/Copy/Paste in Microsoft Word

Intro to the Internet

Internet Safety

Intro to Email

Organizing Email

Editing a Word Document & Attaching Files to Email

Overview of Course & Course Certification


Lesson 2

Intro to Keyboard & Selecting Text in Microsoft Word


In Lesson 2, we spend the majority of our class time working in Microsoft Word. We learn what the action bar and cursor are and from there we learn how to use the keyboard. Once the basics of using the keyboard are taught, we learn the three most commonly used navigational tools in Microsoft Word: Menu bar, Tool bar, Title bar. After these navigational tools are introduced, we learn how to select text. Because there are multiple ways to select text, students will learn the different ways and figure out which way is easiest and feels most comfortable to use. Once the class feels comfortable selecting text, the last topic we learn includes using the "undo" and "redo" buttons on Microsoft Word.

Class Overview:

  1. Lesson 1 Review

  2. Intro to Microsoft Word

    • Cursor

    • Action Bar

  3. Learn the Keyboard

    • Enter​

    • Arrow keys

    • Backspace and Delete

    • Shift and Caps Lock

    • Keys with double characters

    • Tab

  4. "Select" &/or "Highlight"

    • When and why do we select or highlight text?

  5. Undo & Redo