Basic Computer Skills:

Hardware & Windows Navigation 

Intro to Keyboard & Selecting Text in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Formatting

Cut, Copy, and Paste in Microsoft Word

Flash Drive and Storage

Intro to Excel

Intro to the Internet

Internet Safety

Intro to Email

Organizing Email

Editing a Word Document & Attaching Files to Email

Overview of Course & Course Certification

Lesson 6

Intro to Excel


In Lesson 4, we learn how to use Excel. Students learn the basics of Excel, and also discuss the different reasons as to why people would want to use Excel in the first place. Students are able to compare and contrast the different tools that are used in Excel and Microsoft Word, noticing that there are more similarities than they had thought. For the second half of this lesson, students learn some of the most commonly used and basic excel functions. Once we have learned some excel functions, students get to practice using these functions in a fun class activity involving a Pet Shop.

Class Overview:

  1. Overall Week 1 Review​

  2. Intro to Excel

    • What is Excel and when would someone use Excel?

    • Cells, Rows, and Columns

  3. Similarities between Excel tools and Microsoft Word tools​

  4. Excel Functions

  5. Class Activity: Pet Shop on Excel