Basic Computer Skills:

Hardware & Windows Navigation 

Intro to Keyboard & Selecting Text in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Formatting

Intro to Excel

Flash Drive and Storage

Cut/Copy/Paste in Microsoft Word

Intro to the Internet

Internet Safety

Intro to Email

Organizing Email

Editing a Word Document & Attaching Files to Email

Overview of Course & Course Certification

Lesson 7

Intro to the Internet



In Lesson 7, we introduce the internet and the different internet web browsers that exist. Students learn how to search the internet, why searching the internet is so useful, and most importantly, how to be as safe as possible when searching the internet. Students will learn what a URL is, what most home pages of any website consists of, and where and how to search something on the internet using different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc... Students will browse through different websites throughout class in order to become more familiar and comfortable using the internet.

Class Overview:

  1. Lesson 6 Review

  2. Introduction to the Internet

    • What is the Internet?​

    • Why do people use it?

    • Web Browser vs. Search Engine

    • What's a URL?

  3. Basic Components of a Website Homepage

    • Logo or Page Title​

    • Navigation Bar

    • Links

    • Back/Forward Arrows