Basic Computer Skills:

Hardware & Windows Navigation 

Intro to Keyboard & Selecting Text in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Formatting

Intro to Excel

Flash Drive and Storage

Cut/Copy/Paste in Microsoft Word

Intro to the Internet

Internet Safety

Intro to Email

Organizing Email

Editing a Word Document & Attaching Files to Email

Overview of Course & Course Certification

Lesson 8

Internet Safety



In Lesson 8, we delve a bit deeper into the world of using the internet and really focus on internet safety. After reviewing the basics of using the internet, and learning more about the positives of the internet in Lesson 7, this class students will learn more on how to be safe when using the internet. This includes how to avoid computer scams, how to avoid hackers or viruses, and what information not to put or send on the internet in order to protect oneself.

Class Overview:

  1. Lesson 7 Review​​

  2. Focus on Internet Safety

  3. Internet Safety Activities

  4. Review Week 2

    • Save vs. Save As​

    • Saving and Finding Files on a Flash drive

    • Exploring the Internet and Internet Safety

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  • Twitter Clean

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