This one session class will introduce to students the basic components of email, particularly Gmail. The class will allow the students an opportunity to set up an email account and learn about what it can be used for, how or where it can be accessed, and how to use email. 


Class Outline:




  1. Introduction

    1. Brief intro to Internet if necessary

    2. What will we cover (gmail - Google mail)

  2. What can I use email for?

  3. How/ where can I access gmail?

    1. Anywhere that has internet connection      

    2. Getting onto internet through web browser (Internet Explorer)

  4. Setting up an email account

    1. Go to

    2. Click on Gmail link.

    3. Click on “Create an account” – this will take you to the sign up form. Talk them through this step by step or explain quickly, depending on people in class

  5. Using email

    1. Practice sending/receiving

    2. New vs. old email

    3. Forward, reply

    4. Labels

    5. Deleting, moving, marking, (all buttons in email toolbar)

    6. Brief description of “Contacts” (address book)

  6. If there is time:

    1. What is spam? Deleting/reporting spam.  (Select message; click “Report Spam” button.)

    2. Sending and opening attachments

  7. Signing out





Class Material: