This one-session class is designed to teach students how to navigate PowerPoint, create slideshows, format slides, insert text and pictures into slides, and apply different slide layouts and background color schemes.


Prerequisite: Please have basic computer skills before taking this course.


Class Outline:

  1. Opening Class (10 minutes)

    1. Introductions

      1. Name

      2. Why are you interested in PowerPoint?

    2. Goals of the class 

      1. Be able to navigate your way around PowerPoint

      2. This is just an basic introduction 

      3. Play, have fun, approach the computer like a child 

  2. What is PowerPoint? (5 min) 

    1. PowerPoint is a powerful, multimedia program Incorporates pictures, text, shapes, sounds, and animations 

    2. Good for business presentations, greeting cards, fliers, etc.

    3. Often used in teaching and marketing 

  3. Parts of the Screen (15 min) 

    1. Workspace

    2. Menu Bar

    3. Toolbars 

      1. Autoshapes and drawing toolbar 

      2. Scrollbar and ruler

    4. Different Views 

      1. Presentation mode

  4. Inserting Text (10 min) 

    1. Fonts, colors, styles, alignment

    2. Text box format 

  5. Inserting Pictures (15 min) 

    1. Using clipart v. inserting a picture from a file

    2. Shapes, lines, and autoshapes

    3. Wordart 

  6. Screen Layout (15 min) 

    1. Slide layout

    2. Background colors and color schemes

    3. Applying a design template 

  7. Practice Exercise #1 (20 min) 

    1. Business slide 

    2. Applying design template, entering text, inserting clipart, applying slide layout 

  8. Practice Exercise #2 (20 min) 

    1. Advertisement 

    2. Inserting clipart from the Internet, using text boxes, WordArt,

    3. Basic graphic design concepts

    4. Reading from left to right, keep it simple, etc. 

  9. Conclusion 

    1. You have a basic understanding of Powerpoint, but there is a lot more to learn.


Exercises 1 and 2 are attached below. We recommend either opening the exercises on a projector or providing students a printout and then having them create them from scratch.


Class Material: