Online YouTube Video Tutorials

Don't have time to attend our BCS or ICS courses? It's okay, we have online video tutorials to help!

With the help of our online YouTube Channel, you can now access some short video's to learn the basics and more for programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and even PowerPoint!






Check out the following topics for our Channel for each subject:

Microsoft Word

1. Want to learn how to create tables? Click here!

2. Let's learn how to add a header and footer to a document! Let's also learn how to Spell Check! Click here to learn.

3. Do you need to write in another language and add special symbols or accents? Or do you need to keep track of the number of      words you've written? Click here to learn how to do both!

4. Want to add photo's to your document to make it more appealing? Click here to learn how!

5. Do you have a document you need to edit or track changes on? You can learn how by clicking here or here.


1. Click here to learn the basics of creating an Excel Spreadsheet. 


1. Want to learn the basics of using PowerPoint? Click here to learn!

2. Let's learn how to format clip art and word art

3. Want to learn how to add a text box? Or do you want to learn how to edit your text boxes and clip art? Click here to learn both.

4. Now comes the fun part: Let's learn how to create cool background designs for your slide! Not only that, let's also learn how to        create fun slide transitions! Click here to start learning now.

5. Did you know that there are 4 different ways you can view your PowerPoint slideshow? If not, click here to learn the different          ways!