Digital Justice goes to Washington, D.C.!

Featured above: Tenderloin Technology Lab in use

October 2015 Basic Computer Skills Class

Featured above: October 2015 Basic Computer Skills graduates

A day without digital access is a day without justice - St. Anthony’s Tech Lab makes digital justice happen through access, education and advocacy for San Francisco’s homeless and extremely low-income community members. Every day, more than 100 visitors access 40+ computers and acquire skills and knowledge through classes, workshops, and tutoring. Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, yet mere blocks from tech giants Zendesk and Twitter, the Tech Lab promotes and provides technology for all at a local level.

At the national level, the NDIA (National Digital Inclusion Alliance) is a unified voice for local technology training, home broadband access and public broadband access programs. The NDIA works collaboratively to craft, identify and disseminate financial and operational resources for digital inclusion programs while serving as a bridge to policymakers and the general public. The Tech Lab has been a member of the NDIA since its inception in 2014. Access to technology can no longer be viewed as a privilege only available to those who can afford it, when those who are most in need of digital access are those who have so little.

We applaud the recent advocacy work of NDIA founding president Ms. Angela Siefer, who has been at the national forefront of digital inclusion advocacy. This past Sunday, Ms. Siefer represented broadband adoption practitioners at a Senate Briefing entitled: Understanding Digital Inclusion and Broadband Adoption. Citing the varying levels and needs of individuals interacting with technology, as well as the vital importance of digital literacy and equity, Ms. Siefer made clear that the best way to ensure true digital equity and access is through continual federal backing to support localized efforts to bridge the digital divide. Find her blog here.

Want to be a part of digital justice at the Tech Lab? Be a tutor! Visit our volunteer page to learn more.

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