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St Anthony's Tenderloin Technology Lab focusses on providing digital justice to those who have been left behind in terms of technological access, education and understanding of relevancy. We provide as many tools as possible to ensure that our guests and the Tenderloin community as a whole are included in the digital world. As a fairly new member of the Tech Lab staff, I was very excited to see this work come to life at our September 17th Coding Workshop for Women and Gender Queer Adults. There is a lack of diversity in the world of technology, so being able to help our underrepresented guests gain skills and simply work on something they were interested in really made me excited!

For this particular event, we collaborated with Techtonica, an organization dedicated to providing tuition free tech training to local, low-income women and non-binary adults. Techtonica volunteers partnered with Tech Lab guests to provide 1-on-1 tutorials on how to use Python, a widely used high level programming language. Seeing everyone working together really showed me the importance of making sure women of all races, education levels, income and upbringing have confidence in their skills with coding programs. It was amazing to be a part of this powerful hands-on training workshop for women! Check out the photos from the event in the gallery above and contact us to find out more about our next coding workshop.

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