This one-session workshop introduces students to Skype, a free program that allows users to make phone and video calls via the Internet. For this class we will provide the use of webcams and microphones.


Prerequisite: Please have basic computer skills before signing up for this course.


Class Outline:

  1. Explain what Skype is, the benefits, tools needed for Skype (internet, microphone, webcam)

    1. What is free versus what is not (see Skype handout)

    2. Free Skype‐to‐Skype calls.

      1. Call phones and mobiles, send SMS.

      2. Free instant messaging.

      3. Voicemail.

      4. Free video call.

    3. Skype‐to‐Skype calls, video calls and instant messaging are free, any time of the day or night, anywhere in the world. Call phones and mobiles and send SMS messages at great value Pay As You Go rates, or call unlimited to certain countries with a subscriptions.

  2.  Go to website ( have them sign up for an account, choose Skype Name, password, etc.

    1. Do not have them download the program as it is already downloaded on the computers (explain steps if they were to download the program on their home computer)

  3. Launch Skype and have them sign into accounts

    1. Take a profile picture using the webcam

    2. Step through and explain the different parts of the main Skype screen

    3. Show them how to add a contact: add Skype Name ttechlab

      1. Send contact requests and explain how to accept contact requests and that you have to be contacts before you can Skype

    4. Show students differences between Skype status and what each status does (Online, Offline, Invisible, Busy, Away, etc.)

      1. Change status with students

    5.  Have them call the Echo/Sound Test Service and follow the directions to test the sound

    6. After accepting the students’ contact requests, take turns video calling each student and having them call you and end the call

      1.  Explain how to call a contact, difference between calling, call phone, and video calling

      2. Explain how to use the Instant Messaging and send and receive a Skype IM from each student

    7. Explain how to customize profile on Skype under the Skype section of the menu bar

    8. Explain the Options menu under tools: go through each section

      1. Explain changing sounds, settings, privacy settings, testing sound and webcam

  4. Take any questions from students

*** Make sure students log out of their account at the end of the session***


Class Material: