This one session class is designed for students who have basic knowledge of computers (basic keyboard and mouse skills) as an introduction to the internet. Students will work with internet navigation, searches, and safe practices.


Prerequisite: Please have basic keyboard/mouse skills before taking this class.


Class Outline:

Unlike our old class outline for this class, the new class draws from the web curriculum that has been developed for the Basic Computer Skills(BCS) class. In BCS, this content is considered three lessons, although they are not expected to take a full day each. They may need to be abbreviated a little bit to fit into a 2 hour format, but it should not take too much squeezing.


  1. Internet Navigation

    1. What is the Internet

    2. What is a Web Browser

    3. Links and navigation bars

    4. Back & forward arrow buttons, home button

    5. Address bar (how to use the website address/URL in the address bar)

    6. Who can I trust?

    7. Teacher Notes

  2. Internet Search

    1. How to start a web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome)

    2. Techlab as Home Page

    3. Getting to Google (toolbars, search box, other Google features)

    4. Pick a topic to search for (e.g. recipes, used cars, news, SAF or SFNM)

    5. Google results page (3 components of result:  link, content, URL)

    6. What is a website address or URL

    7. Teacher Notes

  3. Internet Safe Practices

    1. Advertising and commercial sites

    2. Scams and Frauds

    3. Maybe also talk about email safe practices?

    4. Discuss how to verify legitimate sites

    5. Teacher Notes


Class Material: