Workshop Topics:

1. Intro to YouTube

2. YouTube Part II

3. Intro to Smartphones

4. Smartphones Part II:

  • WiFi vs. Data

5. Smartphones Part III:

  • Updates

  • Storage

6. Surfing the Web

  • Finding Free Services

7. Surfing the Web

  • Free Educational Resources

Our workshops are different than our BCS and ICS courses. Rather than having a multi-session course that lasts multiple weeks, we offer workshops sporadically throughout the month. These workshops are one - two day courses focusing on one particular topic or program

Each month, there will be three different workshops. You can see which workshops will be offered by looking at the Tenderloin Technology Lab's Calendar or calling us at (415) 592-2766. There are no prerequisites! If you are interested in signing up and attending one of our workshops, all you have to do is sign up.

Intro to YouTube

In our Intro to YouTube Part One course, we go over the basics of YouTube. This includes what the homepage of YouTube is and its many different components. This course also goes over how to search for videos on YouTube -- whether you are searching for one particular video, or you are searching for similar videos within a certain category. Finally, you will learn how to "like" or "dislike" a video, and even comment on a video. After taking this course, you will be able to easily search and browse through YouTube.

YouTube, Part II .

In our second YouTube workshop, we learn how to create our own YouTube account, upload videos, understand what a YouTube Channel is, and how to subscribe to a certain YouTube Channel. Students will learn that it is much simpler to upload and save videos than originally expected!

Intro to Smartphones

As majority of our guests use Android Smartphones, we decided to create a workshop focusing solely on the Android and how to use it. Because all Androids have similar layouts, students will learn how to navigate throughout a smartphone in this class. From learning about different Apps, to creating a contact, to calling and text messaging a friend and taking pictures and videos, students will learn it all in this workshop. 

Smartphones Part II: WiFi vs. Data

In our second Smartphone workshop, we learn how to edit our contacts if needed and how to delete and or block them too. Students will learn the differences between WiFi and using cell phone data. In order to better understand these differences, students will go through different scenarios in order to better conceptualize when it is more appropriate to use WiFi or when it is more appropriate to use cell phone data.

Smartphone Part III: Updating and Storage

In our third Smartphone workshop, students learn about phone updates and why it is so important to continue to update smartphones. Students will learn how to update phones and as well as some good tips on what to do before updating. We also learn about different anti-virus app's that should be downloaded for Android smartphones in order to keep them as protected as possible.

Surfing the Web: Finding Free Services

Throughout this course, students will learn how to surf the web, also referred to as the internet. They will learn how to do this throughout multiple different web browsers. Some of these web browsers may include Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more. Students will learn how to navigate the internet and learn what a typical homepage looks like and what the internet has to offer.

Surfing the Web: Free   Math,  Literacy, &   Educational  Resources

This alternate workshop focuses on free educational resources that students can find on the web. Throughout this class, students will be provided with a list of some great free educational and academic online courses and/or tutorials. Students will be able to browse through different programs and find which ones are most helpful and useful. An example of a free online educational resource is Khan Academy. The internet is full of great free resources and students will learn that they can find almost anything on the internet!

Do you already have basic computer skills but want to learn more about a specific program? We have classes just for you!